Tracked sliding shutters are popular in a range of household settings:

  • living area, lounge room – match them to your sliding doors or ranch sliders, so they have the same look and feel
  • create a divider for your laundry area
  • use them as sliding wardrobe doors
  • divide a large room into different work or play zones
  • have the option of sealing off a mezzanine or “look-over” internal balcony (from a top level looking down to a lower level of a house)

They’re also common in commercial settings:

  • temporarily close off a meeting room or the staff kitchen area
  • separate your reception area from your offices without a fixed wall
  • create privacy in an area where a team project is underway


  • bi-fold shutters accordion fold together, then fold flat
  • running along a track at the top and bottom, weight and size is not an issue
  • available in up to 12 metres total width
  • available in wood or PVC
  • wooden interior shutters are available in 14 standard colours (7 wood stains plus 7 paint colours), with customised colour matching available
  • PVC interior shutters are available in 2 standard colours, with customised colour matching available (non-toxic plastic and water-based paint)
  • ideal for residential or office use
  • 20-year warranty

If you’re considering renovating to give your home a bit of an update, but don’t quite have the budget for it yet, simply adding interior shutters is a great way to modernise your home without spending too much.

The many benefits of interior shutters:

Simple to use – open and close with smooth operating fixtures and hinges

Easy to clean – PVC and wood options require just a simple wipe with a duster or a damp cloth

Versatile look – they come in a range of colours and materials, and instantly modernise the décor of any room

Light control – with shutters you have greater control over how much light or sunshine you let in to the room at different times of the day, while also creating greater darkness at night

Allergy friendly – idea for homes where allergies to dust or mould are an issue, as they’re easier to keep dry and clean than curtains

Space saving – fighting up against the window, shutters require less space than curtains and open up a room, making it feel bigger and brighter

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